Regulated E-cigarette Mods


Pretty much any other e-cig device you see out there that isn’t a mechanical mod is a regulated mod. All this means is that regulated mods have internal circuitry. These types of mods include standard voltage mods, variable voltage mods, variable wattage mods and variable voltage and wattage mods. They do have the appropriate circuitry to protect from, say continually firing a faulty battery and melting it. Your regulated mod will shut down if something is wrong with your connections, which makes them a newbie friendly device. Some of these regulated mods also have a built-in voltage meter and Ohm reader which become very handy as a teaching tool for those getting into the advance e-cigarettes. Regulated mods can get a little more advanced as you get in to variable voltage and wattage devices. If you are using one of these devices, or are thinking of trying one out, just make sure you look up Ohm’s Law and understand the relationship between resistance, current, voltage and wattage.


Dripping Atomizer


Dripping is an altogether different type of experience. You have to build your own coils for the atomizer, wick it yourself, and make sure that it’s affixed to a battery that is able to fire the atomizer at the given oHms that your coil is built to. Different styles of coil yield different types of vapor, in both taste and vapor production. Different wicking materials can also have an impact on your flavor and vapor experience. There is no truly “best way” to build a dripping atomizer. As with many aspects of vaping, it mostly comes down to personal preference.

E-cigarette Tanks


A tank is a heating element using the same basic principals that you would with any attachable heating element on an electronic cigarette. Though you give up the more direct way of vaping, like the increased throat hit and flavor, you gain a more hassle free experience. In addition, since tanks namely clearomizers are more common, there are also more of a variety to choose from.