Mechanical E-cigarette Mods


Mechanical Mods are internally, the most basic device you can get. They have no internal wires or circuit boards. They are composed of a tube that holds your battery, a top cap that makes contact with the positive side of your battery, and a bottom cap that makes contact with the negative side of your battery. Now the bottom cap on most mechanical mods will usually have a locking mechanism. This allows you to keep the mod in a mode where it will not fire your battery when you are not meaning to use it. When locked, inside a mechanical mod, the battery will be able to make contact with the top cap but not the bottom one. When unlocked, you are able to push the button on the bottom of your mech mod and by doing this you are pushing up the negative contact that is on your bottom cap to make contact with the negative side of your battery. This completes the circuit and allows current to be pushed up through your battery and into your coil, to heat it up and vaporize your e-juice.

But hold on, you are probably wondering, “If they are so basic, then why are they meant for advanced users?” Well that is a good question, A+ for you if you thought about that. Mechanical mods have no internal processor to keep your voltage at a set level. So in Layman’s terms your battery will have a voltage output starting at 4.2 volts and then will slowly deplete with use. The lack of a processor means there is no internal protection for over-depleting a battery which can lead to battery failure. This lack of a circuit also means there is no protection if your atomizer has a short. The lack of these two protections can make the mod dangerous to use if you are not educated throughly on battery safety and electricity. Therefore we recommend them for advanced users only.


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